My Cabo Story

What started as a vacation has turned into a passion. Build a Life in Cabo founder, Chris Smeal has been traveling to Cabo San Lucas the past several years. Chris has fallen in love with the culture and wants more people to experience the same joys he has on all his adventures. The lifestyle in Cabo is truly amazing and great for anyone who enjoys the sun, golf, great food and amazing views. Relax in style and build a life in Cabo. Please contact us for more information.

My Cabo Story so far…

On a flight down for a solo vacation in 2013 I was fortunate to meet a very important person from the Pueblo Bonito Resorts Group.  I was originally sitting in a different seat but the lady next to me asked if I could switch seats so she could sit next to her new husband.  I of course switched and after ordering a drink the waitress spilled some of my drink on the guy next to me’s ipad and that sparked up a conversation that lasted the whole 2 hour flight.  We got to know each other and towards the end of the flight asked me if I had plans the next day which I did not. He invited me to join him and several developers of a recently designed Jack Nicklaus Golf Course called Quivira. I immediately said YES OF COURSE!  As a high schooler working hard on my golf game to become a PGA Tour player my original back up plan was to be a course architect so this was a dream come true.   He asked me to meet him at the lobby at Sunset Beach Resort at 12pm noon.  I showed up and waited and he was few minutes late but showed up in a HUGE golf cart and picked me up with another gentleman and drove us a few miles down the road to the club house that was in construction right on the beach.

I sat in this meeting for over an hour with at least 12 people all speaking nothing but Spanish so I could only make out a bit of what they were discussing.  From there we got in a caravan of golf carts, cars, and jeeps and drove the golf course hole by hole and were discussing where the cart paths would go.  It was truly amazing and if you have never played this course you would be blown away at what I saw.  First of all I don’t think this course would be built the way it is in the USA.  It is so close to the cliffs on many holes which makes it so extra special.   I was worried about pace of play and safety but the way we laid it out was just right.  So after a few hours driving the course I had one of the greatest days of my life and all because I switched seats on my flight.   The rest of this trip was also a dream having so much fun I even extended my trip two days…   The nice man said I could return anytime and play the golf course for helping them that day.

Well I was eager to come down and play when the course finally opened but there was a devastating Hurricane that cause damage to the course and to the entire area of Cabo San Lucas so I waited.   When I finally could come back down in 2015 I emailed “the man” and he connected me with the Director of Golf at Quivira who set me up to come play.   I played my first round of golf with two of my good friends who I had met on my trip that last time so it was truly special and I was blown away with the course, the experience, the food, the drinks, the service… everything was way beyond anything I had ever experienced.  On that trip I took a video of me swinging on the 5th Hole that is the signature hole at Quivira and posted it on Instagram. The video went viral and got over 420,000 views.  I sent this to the Director of Golf and asked if I could join their marketing team… HAHA  They were so pleased with the exposure for the golf course I have been invited back to play anytime and to say I have taken advantage is an understatement as I have more memories now with my best friends and family that would never have been possible without this chance meeting.

Then on another one of my trips I filmed a similar video and it too got shared on Instagram and received over 780,000 views!

So…  after all these awesome experiences and my love of Cabo I have looked for ways to pay back “the man” and my now good friend “director of golf” .

Popular Instagram Videos from Quivira Los Cabos

  • 783K Views on April 18, 2018 – View
  • 425K Views on Feb. 27, 2017 – View
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  • 17.5K Views on Sept. 29, 2016 – View
  • 13.8K Views on May 27, 2016 – View
  • 1,260,000 Total Views 

Here begins a new journey with  I hope to share my experiences with people from around the world and have more people and families experience Quivira.  It is truly the coolest place I have ever been!

Even my sister and her husband wanted me there on their anniversary in 2018…

Golf at beautiful Cabo Del Sol with great friends…

Golf at Quivira with my best friend and another great friend I met on my flight down one year…


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